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Coletânea do JFP Online--2009


Liver disease: Early signs you may be missing
Ignazio Grattagliano, MD; Enzo Ubaldi, MD;
Piero Portincasa, MD, PhD; Giuseppe Palasciano, MD

What to do when warfarin therapy goes too far
Shailendra Prasad, MBBS, MPH; Michael R. Wootten, MD;
Nichole Kulinski, PharmD; Scott A. Chapman, PharmD

Derm diagnoses you can't afford to miss
Ribhi Hazin, MD; Jamil Y. Abuzetun, MD;
Khalil A. Khatri, MD

Managing lower back pain:
You may be doing too much

William G. Elder Jr, PhD; Michael King, MD;
Paul Dassow, MD; Brian Macy, MD

Atrial fibrillation: Ways to refine your care
Shobha Rao, MD; Manjula Julka, MD; Radha Paruchuri, MD

Restless legs syndrome:
Diagnostic time-savers, Tx tips

Darlene E. Moyer, MD; Javier Zayas-Bazan, MD; Gary Reese, MD

Initiating antidepressant therapy?
Try these 2 drugs first

Gail Patrick, MD, MPP; Gene Combs, MD;
Thomas Gavagan, MD, MPH

Abnormal uterine bleeding:
Avoid the rush to hysterectomy

D. Ashley Hill, MD


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